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Originally Posted by DrunkCargo View Post
Not sure I fully understood the note about manual revision control (change log?), but google sheets does track changes at a cell-by-cell granularity.

I'd think gcmap is a close enough approximation no? Badge counting is very different than mile counting...

I'm busy working on my own AC related issues right now to be thinking about useful optimizations.
Sure, gcmap is sufficient the vast majority of the time, but this spreadsheet is potentially more useful for a couple reasons.

1. gcmap usually doesn't reflect the exact amount AC credits. Not usually a big deal, but to someone trying to plan an MR, EYW or just plan their flying to ensure they make status/threshold eups/gifts etc, those few miles here and there could make the difference.

2. I know some have, but suspect that a lot of people on this board haven't built themselves any kind of spreadsheet to forecast this stuff, and many who have probably have something more simplistic. If we have a well fleshed-out database, this spreadsheet can be a one-stop-shop. Enter origin, destination, total AQD and boom, it will spit out very accurate AQM, Aeroplan and AQD. No need to go to gcmap, then a spreadsheet for mileage, then calculate AQD. This spreadsheet also is better tailored to AC/Altitude/Aeroplan specifically than an online tool like WebFlyer.

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