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There were rumors a couple of years ago that new dynamic pricing engines would use cookies to track whether a user who was searching for fares would be more likely to book if they saw prices were going up between price quotes to give the impression of scarcity - an extension of the practice where if an airline is seeing a lot of search activity on a particular route/date they would increase fares because they had hard data on increased demand.
I know the concept and it is definitely fun to read about it every time there's a new masterpiece of journalism around airline pricing.

I can assure you that this can't be done with the vast majority of pricing engines around and it is most likely not implemented on any of the major full service carrier website.

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As someone in Revenue Management, I would love to be able to do this, I could make my airline much much more money, but alas, we are still using 70's technology which is unlikely to change in the near term for the majority of global ticket sales. The first carriers that we see doing this will be those that do not use the incumbent CRS's thereby circumventing old technology.
There are ways to add charges on the front end but it's a very risky business.
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