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Originally Posted by jbflyboy84 View Post
My thoughts exactly!
There were rumors a couple of years ago that new dynamic pricing engines would use cookies to track whether a user who was searching for fares would be more likely to book if they saw prices were going up between price quotes to give the impression of scarcity - an extension of the practice where if an airline is seeing a lot of search activity on a particular route/date they would increase fares because they had hard data on increased demand.

These days, you don't really need to use cookies to identify users as browser fingerprinting is arguably a better technique, but the idea still stands.

Famously, Orbitz was offering Apple users higher prices than PC users because people who use Apple products are generally wealthier than non-Apple households, as well as having certain purchasing preferences:

However in the EK case, I think it's much more to do with the restricted availability of Specials, rather than Dynamic Pricing.
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