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Originally Posted by LapLap View Post
No idea why it wasn't mentioned earlier but an important part of Hakone is currently closed to visitors.

Owakudani is out of bounds and so is a critical trajectory of the ropeway. This makes the trip to Ubako (where the Green Plaza is) into a long circuitous bus trip rather than the short, exciting rope way excursion with marvellous views that previous visitors will have enjoyed. If you do decide to go to the Green Plaza remember: males and females are segregated for bathing (females get the best view of Fuji San), be aware of the times set aside for hotel visitors vs guests, check to ensure that the onsen are operating as standard and not undergoing cleaning/maintenance on the day of your visit.
Owakudani is closed and the ropeway is partially closed, but Green Plaza is easily accessible. In fact, most of Hakone should be business as usual. They're running bus service to cover the portion where the ropeway is closed. You can just take that bus from Sounzan to Ubako. It's not a long circuitous detour. You probably have to wait a bit for the bus, but I can tell you that driving from Sounzan to Green Plaza is hell of a lot faster than taking the ropeway (we usually drive anyways).

I just checked their website. Good call on the limited day-use hours. The day use hours at their onsen are 3p-6p (shorter than what I remember... they may have changed that), and they close on 1st & 3rd Thu of each month. It also appears that lunch is now either curry or pasta only (no more buffet). You can see Mt.Fuji from men's onsen. When we first started going, you couldn't. But they changed their setup 5-10yrs ago, and now you can see it from men's onsen. You can really see Fuji well from the hotel's inner garden.
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