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With all this talk of the 80k offer being selectively offered, I also read at r/churning that some fellow called in to apply and inquired about the 80k offer, which the CSR acknowledged and allowed him to apply for.

I thought I'd take a crack, as well, rather than applying for the 60k offer and asking for the additional 20k later on. Was successful in getting the 80k offer all three times I tried -- neither rep mentioned the $50 statement credit, so I explicitly asked about it and was told it wasn't part of the offer and that online offers may differ, etc.

First time I got through, I called the IHG Rewards club membership line 8004215162 and said I'm a member and wanted to apply for the Rewards Club credit card with Chase and was transferred over. The Chase rep answered and immediately offered me the 80k offer ($1000 spend with waived AF) right after greeting me. Since it was so readily offered, I asked for a direct line if I was uncertain about applying on the spot, and was provided 8772740851. I then continued the application successfully.

Few minutes later, I called the 877 number with my family member and we encountered an automated menu, with #1 to apply. We pressed 1 and encountered the same, right off the bat, the rep said "we're pleased to offer you this offer..." and went into the 80k offer details. We applied and got the further review notice.

Just to test it out for the community, I called up the 877 number an hour later on a whim and once again was offered the same 80k promo immediately, so it seems this may be a direct number for the offer without need for haggling/inquiring about available offers.

Anyhow, caveat emptor!
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