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Originally Posted by ben237829624 View Post
I want to change the 35min connection time as well. However, 1. delta only operates 1 flight from BOS to LAX on my day of travel(March 4th) , 2 the constrain of my personal schedule only allows me to take flights departing after 4 PM. Will it be possible to get DL to put me on an earlier flight on another carrier? I see flights available on AA B6 and VA that will allow for a longer connection time.
DL won't rebook you on another carrier for this (in advance).

I was suggesting to call in even though technically your flight meets the MCT because sometimes agents are willing to make changes when you are very close to the MCT and you have some other factor (such as once a day int'l flight). However, they would never rebook you onto AA or B6 for this, that's generally reserved for day-of IRROPS.

It sounds like there is a second flight to Australia that night on a DL partner with DL codeshare, so they are likely to rebook you on that if you miss your connection. However, I'd be proactive on your day of travel by calling DL if you see any delays in your first flight to try to get rebooked or protected on the later flight as soon as possible.
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