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Has anybody had trouble with bait & switch when applying for this card? I received a targeted offer in my WF banking messages for the 5% Visa Signature cash back card. I applied online and was approved with a 14k CL. The problem is that after I was approved I read over the T&C and noticed that the section referring to the 5% bonus was not included. This section can be found if you just google the credit card offer and read over the T&C attached to it. When logging into my rewards, I can't find anything that mentioned the 5% bonus as well.

I called WF and explained the Terms & conditions discrepancy. The first time I was referred to WF rewards department who said they don't know anything until I activate my card and use it. The second time I called the guy just said that the visa cash back card will have the 5% attached to it, but when I explained the missing section in the TC he just said, "Is there anything else I can help you with".

I've also sent a secure message for them to confirm the offer and if they don't I won't be activating my card.

So my question is, when I receive the card in the mail, should I try it out? Or do I maintain some leverage by not activating it. Thanks!

FYI, I've never had a WF credit card, so that's not the problem.
Curious what you find out as I see a "0.00% introductory APR for 18 months" Cash Back Visa. Don't really need that, but I see the following under tab 2 on the offer:

Earn 5% cash rewards on gas, grocery, and drugstore net purchases for the first 6 months and 1% cash back on all other net purchases every day.Important Information and Footnotes 2

5% cash rewards (1% base plus 4% bonus) are earned for every $1 spent in net purchases (purchases minus returns/credits) during the first 6 months, from the date the credit card account is opened, at retailers whose merchant code for Visa is classified grocery stores, drugstores, and gas stations. Purchases not processed using these merchant codes for Visa will not qualify for bonus cash rewards. Wells Fargo does not have the ability to control how a retailer chooses to classify their business and therefore reserves the right to determine which purchases qualify for cash rewards. For all other purchases a 1% cash reward is earned for each $1 spent in net purchases. Cash rewards are redeemed in increments of $25 only. Certain purchases/transactions do not earn cash rewards; Please see the Summary to the Wells Fargo Rewards® Program Terms and Conditions and Addendum for the Wells Fargo Cash Back Visa® Credit Card for details.
Trying to decide right now how to apply. Over the phone or online? Through a targeted ad or just regular? And, Visa Cash back vs Visa Cash Back Signature?
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