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Has anybody had trouble with bait & switch when applying for this card? I received a targeted offer in my WF banking messages for the 5% Visa Signature cash back card. I applied online and was approved with a 14k CL. The problem is that after I was approved I read over the T&C and noticed that the section referring to the 5% bonus was not included. This section can be found if you just google the credit card offer and read over the T&C attached to it. When logging into my rewards, I can't find anything that mentioned the 5% bonus as well.

I called WF and explained the Terms & conditions discrepancy. The first time I was referred to WF rewards department who said they don't know anything until I activate my card and use it. The second time I called the guy just said that the visa cash back card will have the 5% attached to it, but when I explained the missing section in the TC he just said, "Is there anything else I can help you with".

I've also sent a secure message for them to confirm the offer and if they don't I won't be activating my card.

So my question is, when I receive the card in the mail, should I try it out? Or do I maintain some leverage by not activating it. Thanks!

FYI, I've never had a WF credit card, so that's not the problem.

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