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Originally Posted by satman40 View Post
Service on any aircraft is hit or miss, it is up to you to be nice.,

Food is loaded on, the FA have nothing to do with it, and eat the same thing you do.

FC is just a bigger seat, and less people..

Enjoy, it is called Oublic Transportation for a reason.,

Next time take a Private Jet and have the event catered,,,
Wrong on all points.

1) some airlines manage to hire and keep staff with a great attitude and consistently the experiment flying with them ends up in a pleasant surprise how nice and attentive the FAs are - while on other airlines the negative experiences seem to be the normal thing... To be honest I can't complain about the SK longhaul crews, they have been mostly quite nice to me.

2) nobody said the FAs need to take blame for the bad food. But SKs food selection on short haul is disgusting (had 4 times the Plus meal this week and all of them were inedible bad) and on long haul in C underwhelming bad compared to the competition which is LH, LX or OS for me.

3) We are talking international business class where a seat costs several thousand dollars not US domestic first class. It is about much more than a bigger seat and less people.

4) Public transportation in Premium class - for a Pemium price tag, so you can expect Premium service which other carriers regularly provide.
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