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I've been to Tokyo many times, last trip a few weeks ago. Several time's I've had stops like yours - short, under 5 hours.

First thought - I would not leave the airport- number of reasons:
1. going through customs
2. coming back through security
3. I believe you may have to pay the airport tax (as your ticket was not a stop over - but transit - however they used to offer a coupon to exit and return the same day - no charge - it's finding the right person to ask that's the problem)
Having said all that -
You didn't mention the airline your traveling - taking a guess with an arrival to chicago - it's UA.
UA arrives and departs from T2 (I beleive I may have these reversed). If that is the case - make your way to the new T1 terminal (although they tend to call everything 'New' there - the renovation at the UA terminal is later then the "new' main terminal").
The main terminal has everything, shops, resturants, exhibits...it's almost a small city and you'll get a taste of Japan.

I'm sure others will be far more specific.

One more observation - NRT has always had excellent security - now it's even tighter - and can take time - don't be in a rush.

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