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As much as I hate mlife, the reality is that for table games players (and outside of room offers), mlife gives far better comps relative to ADT than TR does. TR's reward credit rate for blackjack is absolutely pathetic. It's also important to remember that comps are key; comp rate relative to ADT is the absolute most important thing. All these other things we're talking about are minor in comparison. These mlife changes are devaluations for sure, but it's still all window dressing compared to comp rate relative to ADT.

Low-to-mid table games players can do well at TR props because the room offers are very good even at that level, and being able to book those offers on the website with no human interaction is a bonus. Many of my $50-100/hand BJ friends play at PH, for example, and they all get comp room offers pretty easily.

I don't get this complaint. Express comps are only a small fraction of overall comps. Whatever goes into the express comps bucket, there is tons more going into the primary comps bucket - so whatever good times you had using express comps, you could have had awesome times using your primary comps. Are you saying that your host was reluctant to allow you to use primary comps when you weren't staying on property? If so, you need to find a new host.

You mean primary comps, not discretionary comps. Discretionary comps are something else entirely. Presumably what went into the express comps bucket will instead go into the primary comps bucket - but I agree, we don't know what will really happen when these changes roll out. I wouldn't put it past mlife to use this as a sneaky way to reduce comp rate relative to ADT, but we need to wait to see what happens.

At this point I actually usually use express comps when I am not staying at a MLIFE casino rather than when I am staying there. I have not really asked for anything when not staying there in years because in those instances I am not playing table games. Since I will no longer have express comps to get drinks in the clubs or eat when not playing the tables, my experience is definitely impacted by this - even if the comps go in a different bucket, it's not likely to be a bucket that can replace how I use the express comps most of the time. Hopefully you are wrong about them cutting across the board and the comps will still be available - but that will only be helpful when I am staying on property.
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