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Originally Posted by gengar View Post
To be fair, as a BJ player I estimated my express comps at less than 1/10 of ADT so it wasn't a particularly useful benefit to begin with. It's more relevant as an example that mlife seems to want to be more opaque.

Also, even with mlife apparently becoming more opaque, surely it's better than TR regardless for table games players? The only thing less opaque about TR is that rewards credits are actually accessible to players without having to consult with a host. I'd rather earn better comps than have easier access to my comp balance.
This is terrible for higher ADT table players. I have had lots of good times on my express comps when staying and not staying at Mlife casinos - I earned the comps so I should be able to use them whenever I want. Plus who says that discretionary comps will increase as a result?

IMO Mlife is not necessarily better than TR and this change pushes me more towards TR. If I didn't care about fight tickets, I might switch over all together and shoot for Seven Stars instead of splitting my play. What makes you say Mlife is better?
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