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Originally Posted by devnull View Post
There is one report on /r/churning that a "personal debit card" didn't work. This is a vague term (I could easily call a VGC a personal debit card), but I will assume that it refers to a checking debit card in this context.

In any case, if RB has worked well in the past, I don't see any reason to switch to BB or Serve just yet -- wait a few days, at least (unless something conclusive comes out, such as credible reports of a Target memo, which happened a day before CC loads died). There have been system issues in the past with RB (and BB and Serve, for that matter), and this possibility can't be ruled out right now.
On the one hand ^ but all the same I'm feeling:

Supervisor at one of my go to TGs says no changes reported to store management, but nevertheless it seems to be hard coded at both of my SoCal TGs.

Here is the reason I don't think it's a glitch: CSR screen used to say "No Target gift cards or 3rd party credit cards". CSR showed me the screen, and now it says "No Target Gift cards or third party cards". The word "credit" has been removed from the on screen message.
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