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Originally Posted by aceboy44 View Post
I'm currently at the A lounge in DXB and Skywards did not resolve my issues. I have a long story to pot here when I get back home.... including being charged CHANGE FEES on a Flex+ ticket

I have no issues exposing Emirates dirty practices online (with evidence).....

Ok time to switch to Qatar maybe?
QR is, by all reports, similarly inflexible when it comes to customer service.

Re: your change fees, are you certain they were actual change fees, or were they instead an additional fare difference to pay? There are three classes of Flex Plus fare, R,E,Y - although I appreciate that customers shouldn't have to know the intricacies of airline pricing, they are always transparent about the fact if you change a ticket you might have to pay a fare difference, on top of any change fees if applicable.

If you try and upgrade with cash online though it still automatically adds the fee even though it's not applicable - that's when it should be done over the phone or in person. I sense this is not really the case with your situation though...?
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