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At the price point offered by EK, I have no problem at all with their products (ICE being the best IFE I've ever seen).

If you are asking if it's absolute WOW! Honest answer is "No". There's lots of J & F products that are better, but I believe EK is not competing on purely "best in class" basis. In terms of balancing cost and comfort, EK has done a pretty good job.

Below is a simple breakdown (my own opinion):
1. Seats in J - Good, but should improve to 2-2-2 on their 777s
2. Food in J - Nothing to shout about other then the..... (I think I'll keep this for myself, it's hard enough to get it as it is now)
3. Service in J - Based on my experience 70% positive, 20% meh and 10% downright bad
4. IFE - I-C-E 'nuff said

I'll skip the part that you could get a shorter flight, as I believe you already know that.
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