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Damaged Hertz Car Rental in Australia, "Accidental Damage Excess" $4000(a)

Update: This was a duplicate thread created by accident. Please check out the main thread I'm updating here: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/hertz...-now-what.html

There's still some good info below though:

I grabbed a rental car with Hertz for my trip in Sydney, NSW, Australia. I turned down whatever insurances that were offered at the counter because (1) I have full coverage back in the U.S. with Nationwide and (2) because I was renting this car using my United Mileage Plus card. A few days later I hit pole inside a garage while getting out of the parking space. Not major damage, but it was significant.

Here are some pics of the damage if anyone's interested: https://drive.google.com/folderview?...kE&usp=sharing

Like many, I never looked into the details of how exactly I'm covered should something happen. This is all pretty complex apparently.

I've learned now that Nationwide's insurance apparently doesn't do anything for me with international rentals. This is a good lesson to have learned.

United Mileage Plus said they'll cover the costs via reimbursement (the first time I called they said they could work with them directly and do a direct payment. The 2nd time I was told to just pay upfront and get reimbursed).

They did also tell me they would reimburse them for loss of use.

I'm worried now on various things:

1) The receipt itself says the wording: ".. I understand that my Accident Damage Excess is $4000(a) and may be subject to an additional Single Vehicle Accident Excess provided I have not otherwise breached the Terms and Conditions.."

Does this mean regardless of how large or small the damage, I'll be charged $4,000(A) flat? That translates to $2,831 USD. That seems strange. I don't think I caused that much in damage so they just take that amount and that's it?And what's that other additional "Single Vehicle Excess" charge all about?

Here's a pic of the rental agreeement: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxq...ew?usp=sharing

2) In order for me to get my reimbursement from Chase (United Mileage Plus card), they need me to give them various documents. Most are straightforward: Initial and final rental agreements, credit card statement showing the charges, and pictures of the accident.

But these I'm worried about:
  • Itemized estimate of repair or repair bill (may be known as cost matrix)
  • Auto rental company accident report (with damage marked on form)

I'm basically at the mercy of Hertz Australia to get this to me so that I can get reimbursed. And unless they can produce at the time I return the car, I'll have to get it from them via e-mail. They really have no incentive to help me with this since they'll already have gotten my money.

I'm supposed to fly out Sunday from Sydney airport at 7:30am and am arriving to the airport at 4:30am for the flight. Hertz won't open until 5am. So now I'll have to go Saturday during the daytime to get this all worked out. I hope they don't just take the car back and leave me car-less until my flight the next day.

Has anyone ever had any experience dealing with this?

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