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The 9km walk to Sveti Stefan: 75 euro beaches and an island that no one can get on

In Budva just about everyone is multilingual and everything is in Montenegrin, English and Russian! Some signs are purely in Russian which is not unusual because if you can read Cyrillic you can understand the gist of Russian. During our time in Budva we decided to do visit Sveti Stefan, rather than catch the bus there we decided to do the 9km walk to the beautiful location. This is the best way to get a feel for Budva and the surrounding towns. It shows another side to Budva, apart from being the eastern european party scene, with average food and discount shops there is so much more to Budva!

We started our walk in the old town and it was a perfect day to walk!

A stop for a little ice cream

This leads into the Slovenska Plaza, one of the reasons the locals said the water isn't clean and suggested elsewhere.

To start the walk you head all the way to the left from the old town and keep walking.

Until you get to this tunnel, and you walk all the way through. All the art seen is in serbo-croatian and russian.

Yugo_boy making photos more picturesque since 2015 :-:

When you come out of the tunnel you reach this scene, where you keep walking straight ahead.

Eventually you reach the other side where there are other beaches.

We walked up a little gate to see this church, this is off the path of the walk.

Near Becici the views are becoming more and more picturesque and Budva becoming very photogenic!

Eventually you reach Plaza Djevistenje

Rock formations at Plaza Djevistenje in Rafailovici

You have to keep walking straight and pass through another tunnel!

This tunnel is very cave like and interesting it links Rafailovici with Kamenovo.

When you come out the tunnel you reach another beach

You walk these steps

Keep walking and come out to this amazing view!

In order to get to Przno you need to walk down a highway and then enter at a staircase where you walk down and keep walking as yugo_boy demonstrates here!

Przno is one of the most quaint little places, we didn't even know it existed! Moving further away from Budva it just more and more beautiful!

The beaches are much nicer here!

We couldn't believe it! Naturally beautiful! Crna Gora was bringing it's best!

We ate lunch at Przno, this was the view from the restaurant!

Il Brodetto Restaurant

More of Il Brodetto

Little fish at Il Brodetto, there was so many of them!

Grilled squid! Delicious!

Squid ink pasta with prawns! We were sceptical at first but we really wanted to try it and it was fantastic here!! The seafood here was very nice! Yugo_boy gave the squid ink a 10/10! That's two 10/10 in budva.

It all cost about 25 euro! Very cheap and this was the best meal we ate in the municipality of Budva!

All while enjoying this view!

If you keep walking you reach this hotel

Beautiful walk through the forest

The beach in front of the King's residence in Milocer Bay

The King's residence - stunning!

Need I say more?

The amazing King's residence

As though you are a world away from Budva!

The price for using this beach! 75 euro per person!!

75 euro view of royalty

If you continue on walking you'll reach these trees

A last look

Finally the 9km view! Sveti Stefan!!

Finally we arrived at Sveti Stefan and an amazing view worth the walk

Another 75 euro beach! This is crazy! Australia has much nicer beaches which are all free of charge!! This place is Montenegrin attempt at Monte Carlo! Attempt being the operative word!

The view was worth the walk but we walked thinking we could enter the island and see the old town. After this encounter we read the reviews on Sveti Stefan only to find others who were in the same predicament, complained of the deceptive nature of Montenegro putting photos up of Sveti Stefan as though anyone could enter the island.
During the time of Former Yugoslavia the island was a hotel but anyone could enter (we know people who visited for during this time). However, the Montenegrin government has leased it out for 30 years to a hotel chain (Aman) who charges almost $1000 per night. This is the average Montenegrin monthly salary and the only way you can enter is by staying at the hotel or having dinner at the hotel which is VERY difficult to get reservations at, as we tried and failed just so we could see the island. Ironically enough though, the only people who can afford to visit the island are foreigners and the Montenegrins can only essentially visit as workers at the hotel who serve the foreign guests. This is emblematic of what has happened post the fall of Yugoslavia. Tip: do not plan your trip around visiting Sveti Stefan unless you reserve months in advance the restaurant which is very pricey with average reviews.

We were however happy to enjoy a drink at the cocktail bar right in front of the view.

The walk back was just as captivating but we couldn't help but think of the privatisation that was in play and the irony of it all.

One last look at Sveti Stefan - Byeeee!!

One of my favourite views of the entire day and maybe one of the best in the whole trip in Przno!

Przno is one of the quaintest little towns I've seen. It looks more like Italy and less like Budva!

These sunsets!!

Rafailovici rock formations

Sunset love

Back to Budva near Slovenska Plaza

The best time to walk!

We were not very hungry after our walk so we only had Cevapi and salad at Konobar Knez in the old town.

Palacinke at the Wow bar with Nutella (2 euro).

We highly recommend doing this walk if you are in Budva it was one of the best walks we have been on! (and we have been on a lot of walks!!!). If you don't want to do the full 18km you can catch the bus back for 1 euro. But, we think the sunsets are we worth the walking which is pleasant and absolutely stunning!!! :-::-::-:

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