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Originally Posted by medium_alpaca View Post
Roughly what's your volume?
More than 10k. Less than 50k. Deposit, BP, more deposit, more BP, rinse and repeat, for many months, repeatedly.

Originally Posted by Membersince2013 View Post
Also..Just a BTW. Discover recently updated their banking terms of service. Something alone the lines of them being able to report your banking activities if they feel like it. I haven't used Discover bank since then. I feel like they're up to something...
What I learned from my case is that Discover likely exercised the KYC (Know Your Customer) part within their internal compliance standards. I'm not sure if it was my repeated volume or the sudden change in deposit amounts. The mobile app stopped taking MO, so my account's activities literally dropped to nothing. I tend to believe the later part was what triggered the call.
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