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Originally Posted by gbcflyer View Post
EK for sure is a mass market product, grossly overated for service and product. I speak with considerable experience in flying F and J on several airlines to make that statement. My frame of reference is in international flights with SQ and CX.

EK J tends to be very cramped, perhaps only slightly better than CX Premium Economy. EKs F is a copy of SQ's suites (plus the shower, of course). Examine the amenities closely and they are very cheap products (i.e., stationary, etc..) meant for that WOW!! factor. The gilded trims, bling Dollywood style lights are quite useless. Dinks cabinet - how much can you really consume during any flight - if you need something, you could always ask the FA. The space taken up by somewhat useless amenities is what you are paying for. I have verified that the FAs only get a few weeks training and then sent on the job - SQ/CX invest heavily into crew training for several months. Much else to be said will be critical ad nauseam...

In 2014, I took a flight LHR-SIN with a 2 hr transit stop at DXB. 1st segment in F and connecting to SIN in J. Family of 2A and 2 very young children. The A380 arrived and dropped everyone off at the tarmac, app noon time with searing heat. Hauled away by bus and dumped at the terminal. No one assisted us with guidance to our connecting flight despite repeated requests. We finally made the very long journey to another terminal. Denied access to the F lounge..!! (SQ/CX permits F if you arrived in F and connecting to a lower cabin). With barely 45 mons left, we prepared to board the connecting, all hot and sweaty. That was the last time I've ever flown EK - at least it was an expensed flight (and not my account..!).

Overall, ground staff were rude, hostile, unpleasant and unhelpful - this is Emirates for you..!!! Please do not believe those Discovery channel documentaries - they're pure Dollywood performances.

Another significant negative is their FF program - redemptions rates for premium cabins are more that twice that of SQ/CX.

Those who claim the merits of EKs premium cabin are those who really travel mostly by LCCs or cheap economy tickets or US carriers - they get very impressed with anything better that their usual mode of travel.

Never again, EK...!!
I'm not sure you cold call EK first a mass market product? All airlines business class is mass market. Private jet is what you need if you want to avoid the masses.

I'm not sure anyone would pick cx pe over EK J who had a clue.

EK first crew have to do a lot of training to get the j and then more training to get to f.

You experience on the ground - the rules are clear, lounge access is dependent on the onward ticket so it does not matter what class you fly in on in your next sector is j then you unless statue permits will be invited to the j lounge.

I'm not sure if you flew EK more than once, however of the price is right to South Africa and the schedule works it's a great option. The bar on the 380 and the ife in all classes is superb (and soon to be refreshed again). I don't mind the 77w seats and I would not describe them as cramped, the only real issue being the middle seat so avoid that one.

Happy to answer any more EK questions.
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