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Originally Posted by DanJ View Post
They play on the "cut out the middleman" feelings that a lot of people have. The cruise lines love making people think that.
They do that for sure. One of my favorites is "I can help you manage your booking easily and directly". Really? What is there to manage exactly? You book cabin 123 and 95%+ of the time you sail in cabin 123. Personally in 22 years of cruising I have always sailed in the cabin I booked originally. Almost everything else about your cruise like tours, special requests, specialty restuarant reservations, bed preferences, etc., etc., are all done on line by the passenger not by the PCC with just about every major cruise line from mass market to high end luxury. Maybe, just maybe, a PCC can be of some assistance if you play what I call "cruise cabin lotto" and book a guarantee. Rumor is, and the facts are slim, that booking a guarantee through a PCC gives you a better chance of getting a better cabin in hopefully a good location on the ship. Truth is you get what's left over from regular bookings and if you're lucky it is a higher category cabin not under the kiddie pool. Of course there's always the dream that you book an inside cabin guarantee and get upgraded to the penthouse suite. I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale that passenger might be interested in.

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