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I wanted to share my recent experience with a manager at Citi about the 2x entertainment category.

This is my first month with the Prestige card and my point summary came through yesterday. It shows that I earned 153 points for entertainment but based on the transaction detail below I would have expected 782. Since Citi apparently doesn't show how each transaction falls into the bonus categories I went to my transaction history to see if that would give me any clues. Next to each transaction I see a category that has an upper and lower case identifier followed by what appears to be a MasterCard code. Each of the transactions below codes as "Entertainment" but I didn't receive the bonus points.

Gym Membership (CrossFit) - EntertainmentMEMBERSHIP CLUBS-SPORTS,RECREATION

Golf Green Fees - EntertainmentGOLF COURSES-PUBLIC

Racewire (5K race registration fee) - EntertainmentCOMMERCIAL SPORTS, PRO SPORTS CLUBS

Additionally, I had iTunes purchases on there that were coded as Merchandise. I also have an Audible subscription on there also coded as Merchandise.

Basically the manager could not tie out how I got the 153 bonus points and he gave me 1,000 bonus points for my trouble.

That said, I did not initially expect my gym membership fees or golf green fees to count as Entertainment (based on the definition of entertainment) but the coding on my transaction data got my hopes up.
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