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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
How did this "personal cruise consultant" aka salesperson get your name and phone number? It doesn't matter whether she's unhappy about doing work and not getting the sale; IMO this was a very unprofessional comment to make. Plus, if there's a problem, will she be happy about spending her time to help resolve it? I'm not a cruiser, but to me, this conversation just seems inappropriate in many ways. I would never deal with a travel agent who behaved like this.
I agree with you about her being unprofessional. My mother is a past cruiser with Holland. From what I can tell, she went on the website and must have logged in and somehow got the call. She didn't call Holland. She gave the PCC my phone number. I agree I don't want to use her but I wonder about her comment regarding getting upgrades first that aren't available to other TAs.

Originally Posted by Randyk47 View Post
PCCs are probably nice people but the truth is that they're nothing more than a cruise line's own internal travel agents/salespeople. While it might differ slightly from line to line they work on basically a salary plus basis, the plus being they get bonuses for sales above their monthly quota or target. Generally speaking they can't, don't, or won't offer much in the way of incentives. Personally I book with an Internet based TA and consistently get a 10-12% cash rebate. Maybe it depends on the line they're booking the cruise with for you but for sure I got a very real and substantial check from my last cruise and have for several years.
Can you share who your agent is? Either here or by PM? I haven't booked yet.
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