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Originally Posted by Jesusdyd4u View Post
Anyone have experience with USAA Mobile to deposit MO.

I tied my regular bank checking (M&T Bank) to my USAA, and plan to do the MO > deposit in USAA > transfer to M&T > pay CC bill route. I thought this may divert some attention away from my reg. checking acct. by not depositing many MO directly.

Are there any MO that USAA doesn't like, and which does it prefer?
USAA has been great for me in terms of not caring that I'm depositing a bunch of money orders. My main volume isn't really through money orders, but I used to deposit at least 2 $500 orders at least once every three days for the span of about a month. No adverse action.

In terms of the types, I've only ever gotten one Money Gram, but it was such a horrible process to deposit. The app kept telling me I needed to take the picture. And the ink wasn't even faded, in my opinion. I had to try at least four times to get the deposit accepted.

I've deposited many Western Union orders, and they are mostly fine. I occasionally have to retake the picture, but that's infrequent. And I usually only have to retake it once.
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