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I do not think SYD is inefficient.

The mater of how much time to leave between flights is a technical AND personal matter.

How important is it that you make the next flight? What would you do with the extra time if you had some? Could this be done while waiting for the next flight?

How much clout do you have? Do you wait in the coach line or the first class one? Are you one of the first off the plane, because you are sitting upfront, or one of the last.

What is your temperment? Do you get all in knots, if you are running late, or do you pride yourself in being the last one on.

What is your profile? Do you often have your bags searched? Ring the alarm at the metal detectors? Get the third degree from customs? Carry a lot of luggage? Tend to be mouthy? Have a problem with the language?

What is your physical condition? Wheel chair, cane or ?

How aware of the rules are you? Each airline have some different rules about how soon before your flight you need to check in and how transfers are handled. How full is the flight, and therefore the risk of loosing your seat.

What is the flights ontime experience? How apt are you to get a late start on that transfer? Or an early one?

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