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Originally Posted by Eclipsepearl View Post
Yes, WN does require a birth certificate, even when the child is clearly well under the age 2 lap baby cut-off. If your child has a paid seat, they're exempt from this requirement.

The FAA puts the burden of proof on the airlines and they're very strict that once the child has his or her 2nd birthday, they have to have a seat on the plane.

What about the baby's shot records? Anything else you can get from the ped? All you need is some official paper to state the baby's name and birthdate.

I will admit that national identity cards are convenient in other countries.

I was born in a small Kansas army base I've never seen. I can't tell you what a pain it was to get one, when I needed it (I was in a Drum & Bugle Corps that required members to be under age 22 and every corps I joined, lost mine!) Some secretary in Fort Riley Kansas probably got a little tired of me...

My sister only had to go to the local city hall!
Hi. Thanks for your reply.

It can't be an FAA thing though. SWA is the only company that has this rule. But they are the cheapest!

They didn't tell me anything about shot records. But there are no records of them. That is odd. Another member mentioned shot records.

I am from the USA, but have become quite the foreigner. I am lost in my home of origin. I cannot fathom how shot records (which can be faked at home in a few minutes) can have more authority than a United States of America Department of State Passport Book! :P

Yeah, no going to the city hall in New York, as we are in Arizona! lol I am a US Army vet myself. Appreciation to your family that served.
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