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Originally Posted by UNGGOY View Post
Buying a seat requires paying money.

You can't think of anything?

How about a US passport, foreign passport, US passport card, national ID, US permanent resident card, foreign permanent resident card, driver's license, school ID, health insurance card, residence registration card, military dependent ID, and so on.

I can think of a seemingly endless list of IDs, with photos, that are much more authoritative than a piece of paper that anyone can fake.

So I still beg the question, why a birth certificate?

I have called and asked....
Why a birth certificate? Because most people who have been born have one... I do not believe most infants have a passport, drivers license, or school ID. A birth certificate is accessible enough to be practical while still serving as a deterrent to those who would try to pass a 2.5 year old as a lap child.

If you have another piece of identification they will accept that as all. We once used an immunization record that showed the infant's birth date when we had misplaced the birth certificate.
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