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Originally Posted by oswaldjacoby View Post
But I am sure labor will be pointing out that some of this cash should be going to the employees. In the past, SW poured profits into growing the business--something that benefited both shareholders and employees.

They're doing more than "pointing it out," apparently.

Southwest Airlines Could Hit Stormy Weather as Flight Attendant Contract Vote Concludes

"Yet another Southwest flight attendant said the likely news of Southwest's record profits on Thursday could seal the rejection of the contract among even those Southwest flight attendants who are still on the fence about which way to vote.

Online voting closes at 12 noon central time on Friday, and the results of the vote are expected to be announced to rank and file at 6 p.m. the same day.

Even some members of the team of so-called educators who have fanned out across the Southwest system in recent days to sell flight attendants on the new contract concede the outcome of the vote could go against Southwest CEO Kelly and the tentative contract the airline's top executive wants to see ratified.

For many flight attendants, two of the biggest issues in the proposed contract are the longer duty day (up from 10.5 to 12 hours) and new vacation rules.

But many flight attendants also argue the Southwest company culture has changed dramatically in recent years, and not for the better since Kelly took control of the company. Those sentiments may factor into the vote outcome as well."
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