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Originally Posted by stimpy View Post
If by culture, you meant the culture of wealth, then I agree. Generally the children of wealthy people are not brought up to respect others, but rather think that everyone they meet falls into the class of family or servant. And if wealthy people book out several high end suites for their summer holiday, I'm afraid the hotel isn't going going to say no. Rather they will say yes to every request.

I too wish it were like a private British club where the rules were strictly enforced, but IC clubs are simply not that. In fact they are designed in a way that kids love to hang out in them for an hour or so.
We seem to agree on 99% except your last point. No one is saying that they desire a private British Club, but I would say that the Club is more intended to be a place for business people and adults to relax during and after a busy day - and clearly intended to be a private quiet elegant haven away from the bustle and noise of the rest of the hotel than it is to be a place for children to run around, play on the computers all day and generally make a nuisance of themselves. If there is a irreconcilable contention between these two pulls then I do not think it being a lounge for kids is the right choice between the two.

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