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Originally Posted by jedicat666 View Post
For me clubs are exclusive and an adult/grown up environment. Adding kids into the mixture dilutes the exclusitivity.

If kids are well behaved, like my previous visit to the club lounge at CP Manila then I don't have a problem, despite the dilution.

If kids are noisy, hey that's not what I paid for. Ill take it up with the management. (unless it was free)

If adults are noisy, then its just unlucky.

Though, I expect that "higher tier" clubs like IC Hong Kong, Bali & Danang Sun are more strict and exercise more control to maintain the club exclusitivity.
I really don't understand how, if kids are noisy (their natural instinct to play) is a problem, yet when adults are (purposefully) noisy then it's somehow 'unlucky'.

I don't buy that at all. Noisy adults should equally removed from lounges as the suggestion that kids, and their family, should be too in this thread.

People who engage in bad behaviour dilute the exclusivity, not a subset or definition.

My son is able to behave in lounges, and regularly gets compliments from staff and 'clubbers ' alike. Pshh, he gets more freebies than me

Finally, I really get annoyed at other parents who don't try their best to ensure their child to behave in the hotel in general.
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