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Originally Posted by FLYGVA View Post
I have no really a problem with kids in the lounge if they behave well and I have also experience more adults, who behave worse than children a couple of times.

Usually parents staying in hotel and use the lounge know how to educate their children. And if they do not know, they are not always that much better in terms of behviour than their children.

I would also expect that if I book a room which includes benefits (like lounge access), I am informed by the hotel if there are exclusion to these benefits for certain guests (like not lounge access for children). I would not be happy, to get this information only after arriving in the hotel.

What I really do not understand is, why some people here reduce it to "no children in the lounge" and not a general "behave well" to everybody. For me, this is some sort of generalism that children always do not behave well. And I think this is simply not true ... Is a child sitiing in the lounge, reading a book, without saying anything really a problem to you while the loudly talking business people are not?
I can offer my explanation re your last point.

Before that I do agree with your point that customers should be warned in the hotel descriptions, or when booking that there are some restrictions if there are any.

With respect to your second point, the problem is that TOO often the lottery ends up being stacked against the majority of people in the lounge who might prefer a greater degree of certainty about the opportunity of the quiet ambience of a club lounge ... and this is very often EXACTLY how it is described.

There is a danger of now moving the debate into stereotyping and being diverted down that route which I do not wish. However, you cannot debate this without encroaching on that no go area. There are like it or not often some cultures that believe in absolutely no control over their kids. Some hotels at some times are overun by people of some countries and cultures that leave their kids in the lounge all day sometimes supervised by a nanny who is basically a servant who the kids treat badly and over these kids the nanny exercises no control. I have lost my enjoyment for example of Vienna during the summer because of this. Vienna attempted to open a second lounge for kids but abandoned it. These are often extremely large groups of say 20 people who abandon their kids ALL day. I get no advance warning of this. I'm not going to repeat all the stuff these kids do, but it is a nightmare and it is all day every day.

On a recent trip to Singapore, a guy got up from his breakfast table in the lounge to go to the toilet. A kid running around in full view of his parents was running around the lounge and screaming and being a general nuisance to all the others wishing to have a quiet breakfast. He had already pushed pass me in the very confined hot breakfast area and I had nearly dropped my plate. The kid ran up to the table of the guy who had just gone to the toilet and started stabbing away at the guy's laptop keys he'd left open on his table. The kid then slammed down the lid and in so doing the laptop was pushed off the table on to the floor. The parents saw all this and simply looked the other way.

There is no suggestion that kids be banned from ALL of the hotel, and as equally you cannot understand people that share the view that it would be great to have a child free zone I equally do not understand why some cannot see that it is not a crime to seek a small appropriate part of a hotel be free from the lottery of other people's kids. Having a lovely rule .... which really should apply EVERYWHERE by the way ie all kids should be well behave everywhere, just doesn't work in practice in a multicultural environment because everybody has a different idea of what a well behave kid is "evidently"

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