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I have no really a problem with kids in the lounge if they behave well and I have also experience more adults, who behave worse than children a couple of times.

Usually parents staying in hotel and use the lounge know how to educate their children. And if they do not know, they are not always that much better in terms of behviour than their children.

I would also expect that if I book a room which includes benefits (like lounge access), I am informed by the hotel if there are exclusion to these benefits for certain guests (like not lounge access for children). I would not be happy, to get this information only after arriving in the hotel.

What I really do not understand is, why some people here reduce it to "no children in the lounge" and not a general "behave well" to everybody. For me, this is some sort of generalism that children always do not behave well. And I think this is simply not true ... Is a child sitiing in the lounge, reading a book, without saying anything really a problem to you while the loudly talking business people are not?
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