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Amex GCs did not generate 3X for me.

I find cell phone plans and activation to be very confusing -- I just want to get a phone to resell. I read the past 10 or so pages of this thread. Are these the basic steps to maximize resale value:

1. Buy phone using special link sent by email (I think iphone 6 probably has highest resale value). Get the $45 300MB plan. There will also be an activation fee.
2. Once I receive phone, chat with AT&T rep to unlock phone.
3. Turn on phone to activate (use dummy itunes account). Is there any way to avoid opening the phone?
4. After 15 days, cancel plan. Can I sell the phone at this point, or do I need to wait a full month since I will have prepaid for a month of service?

Any other steps or anything else I should know? (Lots of discussion about sim cards in this thread, but I'm not sure that any of it is relevant if I just plan to sell the phone.)
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