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I travelled to Bogota for dental last year. I went to a 'celebrity' dentist that graduated from NYU Cristian Salazar. They were booked for a couple weeks but I managed to get a personal referral and got in quickly. I was looking to replace old crowns so I got 23 crowns (E-max) done. It was over the Semana Santa holiday so I wound up having to stay almost 3 weeks to finish everything. I got a couple root canals and implants here in NY before traveling so I would be ready for the cosmetic stuff.

They charge around $720 per crown but because I needed so many went down to $440. I wound up paying around $10700 for the 23 crowns which would cost me around 50k in Manhattan. I was happy with the work although three of the crowns were in a bridge because of a missing tooth I should've had another implant but didn't have time. The bridge wound up coming loose not sure if it was about the margins or a previous root canal failing.. so now I will need to redo it and get a couple implants and three new crowns... I can't attest to who's fault it is so I'm not going to blame them and all the other 20 crowns are fine.

Right now I'm taking a trip to Medellin if anyone knows of any good implant places. NYU charges 1k for implant only and a couple clinics I checked in Medellin were charging 7-800 so doesn't seem that much cheaper although you could get someone with higher qualifications. I will be doing the crowns separately so just looking for implants.

I would recommend anyone to get dental, dermatology, and plastic surgery in Colombia. Just check the doctor is certified by top associations. Most foreigners with bad experiences it comes down to not researching the doctor. Even if not saving money you can get a top level person at the same price as a mediocre one here and the service is much nicer. You can communicate with doctors on Whatsapp instead of dealing with a minimum wage rude plus sized nurse who will take a message as is the case in many NY clinics and most doctors are willing to discuss financials with you and not just leave it to the office lady and act like they have nothing to do with it the way it's done here.

One suggestion is when it comes to crowns, implants etc make sure to ask what brand they use that way you can see if it's comparable. For example I would want Nobel Biocare or Straumann implants and not one of the cheap Israeli alternatives so to really compare prices you want to check you're getting the same thing.
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