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Originally Posted by IT_Architect View Post
I don't have any personal experience, but I plan to go there anyway, and wondered if it still made sense to get a crown done there, which I don't need immediately, but might cause me a problem down the road.

Let's not forget that Lasik surgery was invented and developed there, and used there long before it made it to Europe, Canada, and the US.
My crown cost COP $600,000 (about USD $230). That was at a dentist in a small town outside Medellin. I assume it would be a bit more costly in Bogota. I'm very happy with the results. Whether it is worth it to you to make the trip is up to you to decide. Unless you can find a dentist that can make the crown the same day, it would typically require you to stay for some period.

I was intrigued by your statement that Lasik was invented here. Technically, that is not quite true. There was a doctor in Bogota who pioneered the surgical removal of thin slices of the cornea to correct eyesight, but he was doing that work many decades before there were lasers that could do the job. That does not take away from the spirit of the statement though. Here is a link in Wikipedia.
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