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UBER around the world

Many posts here refer to using uber in the US, I thought I'd get the ball started as a tourist/local in other countries.


Just came back from Bangkok and took about 8 trips on uber there.

Two classes are available:

UberX: In my cases, Merc C Class (1990 model), Ford Fiesta, Toyota Vios/Corolla Honda Jazz

and UberBlack: Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Camry

All trips were fine. Almost ALL drivers rely on the app to take them to their destination. In many cases I found that the UberX drivers were not too GPS savvy. So they didnt use a window holder for the phone but rather placed the phone in the cup holder by the arm rest. So the GPS signal wasnt strong. In one case, the driver showed up and the car was still displayed as being where it was when I booked it.
Surge pricing happens often in downtown bangkok; the max I saw was 1.9x. At that rate you might as well book a UberBlack.

Trip from downtown to Airport is a flat rate of 500THB for uberX and 1000THB for a uberBlack.


Have only used uberX here to the airport as I normally drive (as this is home). Taking a uber from the airport is great as you save yourself the airport surcharge and peak surcharge which may apply.

Cars have been: Honda Civic, Toyota Camry (old), Toyota Axio,

In Singapore uber cars are almost all rented to drivers by uber. Cars are so expensive here that I doubt many could afford just being uber drivers.
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