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Originally Posted by milb View Post
If I cancel a United flight, from what I understand I can use the value of the ticket toward a future flight, but I'll have to pay a fee of $300. But what I can't seem to find out is

- Does the future flight have to be the same departure/arrival airports?

- Does the value of the ticket expire (e.g., after a year?)

- Can I apply the value of the ticket toward any future flight (perhaps with the restriction in the first bullet), or do they restrict to a small subset of future flights?

Maybe there's a page somewhere that explains all this, but I can't find it after searching both the United website and Google.
Short answer. It is like "cash on deposit" that you can only use for a ticket. But any ticket to anywhere. It must be used within one year. The amount of the "penalty" might be $300, but it might be less and it might be a little bit more. The new ticket will "become" non-refundable, even if you buy a refundable fare type.

Does that help?
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