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My son is on the autistic spectrum -fortunately flying with him is never an issue but other public place activities can be. I've always felt it is my responsibility to ensure I take all steps to ensure that I don't put him in situations that will cause him or those around us distress or discomfort.

In this case whilst I can see the FA may not have being as helpful and proactive as she could have been ultimately the mother was the one aware ahead of time what the child would need on the flight to avoid discomfort and distress.

Unless there was a reason not to be able to have appropriate tools-in this case suitable food brought on board -for example a delay that led to a tight connection and no time to prepurchase at the airport before boarding then the mother could have done better by her child and her fellow passengers.

If the parent cannot keep their child comfortable enough to fly (whether that means paying for first class or buying food to take on board or even medication) then simply putting the child through flying is inappropriate and cruel to the child. In that situation my child and I simply wouldn't fly but would choose to either not travel or drive. No matter how most of us feel - flying for leisure is not an essential but a leisure choice ultimately.

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