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This is actually what happened. The two of us travelled with one check in bag, two back packs, one gym sized bag. On both ways, only the check in bag was weighed. They were not too bothered of the fact that we had three items to carry on board. Saw that many people were travelling with one wheeler carry on PLUS one bag pack each (in both directions), and they were not stopped. Specifically,

- No physical scales at the gate.
- Many people were flagged at the gate and had to gate check some carry on items. Not sure if they had to pay.
- One lady went on board with FOUR items - one handbag, one gym sized bag, and two shopping bags.
- The Jardine Ground Services people took FOREVER to load the bags and cargo and all the passengers were sitting on board for another 30 minutes waiting for cargo loading before we could leave.

- No physical scales at the gate.
- Nobody checking the number of items being carried on board and all passengers were just walking through.
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