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If you want to roll the dice then go ahead. One FT contributor's experience does NOT mean you will have the same experience. The rules of the airline are available for everyone to read.

Concerned enough to take your chances over a few dollars? Go ahead. Otherwise, then pay the extra and be content that you won't be surprised by higher last minute fees at the airport counter - never mind irritating others who want to just check in and move on and really don't care about your baggage issues. I've seen it every time I fly.

YMMV, naturally. If you get caught with paying higher fees, PLEASE let us know and chalk it up to experience. After all, it is just money and not your first-born. I am speaking metaphorically of course

As you may have noticed, I am risk-aversive and pay the extra for extra baggage (especially on Air Asia X) when flying LCC. Otherwise when flying OW or *A I have enough status not to worry about a few kg - but then I have followed my own advice and have paid for lots of flights that give TPs and miles instead of getting heavily discounted economy flights that give no/minimum TPs/miles
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