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On my flight from BNA to ATL last week I got upgraded to First. About halfway through boarding a flight attendant came up from coach and told the front attendant that there was a man in the back upset and adamant he was supposed to be in First and he needed to be moved immediately. He had his boarding pass and was in the seat printed, but kept insisting it was a mistake.

The front flight attendant said he was already in his seat and there was nothing she could do. F was full and the rest of the plane continued to board.

Once the last passenger passed by me, the guy came up front with his bag in hand, the GA was there closing out the paperwork. He told the FA and GA that he was to be in first and his boarding pass was a mistake. The GA explained F was full and he already boarded.

The passenger informed the GA, FA and all of us in first that he paid $8K for his ticket to fly in first as he was continuing on to Dubai and to be denied his first class seat was unacceptable.

The GA again stated he could not explain what had happened, maybe the passenger changed this flight (there was weather coming into BNA) - the passenger denied this and stated Delta had stole his first class seat.

This all transpired in a few minutes, the passenger muttered some more stuff about his $8K ticket to Dubai and walked back to his assigned seat.

FWIW - this was a 3 p.m. dept and only a 40 minute flight. I'd be upset if I'd paid for 1st as well and didn't get it, but I'm pretty sure the $8K spent was for the ATL - DXB segment and I mean it is onloy a 40 minute flight.

I cleared at the gate, so I don't believe that he did not make any changes to his itinerary and that Delta somehow cancelled his paid ticket to give me - and the guy next to me a comp upgrade.
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