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application info

So, here's some info on my situation if anyone is interested:

1. opened a WF checking account in Nov. no prior relationship with WF.
2. applied a few weeks ago using a 2BM for the Propel and this 5% card.
3. I applied for the Propel about 10 seconds ahead of the 5%, and know it was processed first because the application # (I didn't get instant approval for either) was slightly less.
4. after a few days, was approved for both on same day automatically ($15k CL on the Propel; $5k on the 5%).
5. could see both cards online but only the bonus on the Propel.
6. got card today, and called the rewards desk. they confirmed that i did NOT have the 5x "because you have another WF card", but proceeded to confirm the bonus on the other card with no prompting.
7. i only got one HP total from WF for both card applications.

I'm not too disappointed since I wanted the Propel more (do enough of the "easy" MS on Citi cards, and the PITA factor), but b/c of only 1 HP, didn't lose anything with the 5% application. I thought there would be a great chance WF would not "see" the 5%

The one thing I wonder about for those of you trying for a second that might be relevant, is I'm wondering if the fact that both cards were automatically linked with their rewards program was what triggered the exclusion of the 5% bonus. So, those trying for a second may want to try to "delete" yourselves from their reward program while your old card is active or even afterwards. I don't know HOW you'd do this, but maybe the system seeing any other card in your rewards profile is how it knows the 5% isn't your "first" WF card.
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