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If you book a Brussels ticket, then provided the train stops in Lille (almost all Brussels ones do, but IIRC not every one), you can get off in Lille. There are no ticket checks, no barriers etc, you just get off with everyone else and exit the station. Once you've done that though, you can't then carry on to Brussels at a later time.

Coming back, if you book a Brussels ticket, you must board in Brussels. It is not possible to board in Lille with a Brussels origin ticket, you will be turned away at checkin.

Also on the returning from Brussels front, if you buy a Brussels to Lille ticket, you must get off in Lille. Brussels to Lille travellers go through a different checkin, are restricted to just coach 18, not permitted to go to the buffet, and security staff ensure they leave in Lille + exit via a special escallator from the otherwise secured platform. Customers on a Brussels to London ticket are not permitted to exit at Lille, as they will have exited the Schengen zone in Brussels. (The Lille Loophole was closed a year or two back with the special coach 18 setup + separate checkin area)
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