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Google Flights = Nonexistent Fares?

I keep coming up with fares on google flights that don't seem to exist. More specifically, I'm getting good fares that are most a combination of Lufthansa and Air Canada flights. Most only allow click through to Lufthansa or a third party booking agency. If I click through to Lufthansa, the fares never exist and the flight numbers do not exist. If I click through to the booking agency, I either get an error message or a screen saying that the flight is sold out, which is very unlikely. If I go the Air Canada website, they won't let me book the fare since part is a Lufthansa flight.

Google flights also gives me the option of calling Air Canada. This means staying on hold for 45 minutes to see if it is possible and even then paying the extra fee to book over the phone.


1. Is this a common problem?
2. Does calling Air Canada to book fare not on their website work?
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