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Carl Christensen
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bumping for newer readers

Originally Posted by Carl Christensen
Carl's updated guide to achieve non even numbers:

Go through express/regular check out. Why? Their screen faces you. I have an excel spread sheet printed off showing the number I want to load. Somehow, having a print off and pointing at the numbers causes more confidence and less questions.

1. hand card and tell them to swipe bar up and that you plan on having them swipe three times for three loads
2. tell them 1000
3. Warning that Target Gift Cards may not be used - they press K1 (after I train them they keep their hand hovering over K1 for more loads)
4. Glance at their screen to check that it shows the load (it will show a line item with 1000 etc)
5. Tell them to swipe again
6. Repeat 2,3,4,5
7. repeat 2 (this time 500), 3,4
8. Hand them a pack of gum or pop and ask them to scan it (important this is done last and not first. If done first it will just pay)
9. They might have to hit a final key I'm not sure, but I tell them I'm ready to pay
10. I swipe my credit card
11. show last 4 of card to them to type in
12. After a pause (sometimes longer than others) it prints off a receipt.
13. If your card is denied the screen will change from light blue to red. At this point I will tell them to cancel and I go sit down on the bench in front of them to call card company.
14. Check your receipt immediately to make sure you see successful 3 loads.
15. Step out of line and complete record keeping and then go back through line again for next red card.

This process yields one cc charge that is a non even number.

I sometimes do non even numbers (937.23 ie) if that is how much is left to meet minimum spend on my cc before I go to the next CC.

If your total load is small enough (13x.xx did not require), it does not require them typing in the last 4 digits.

I'm managing 3 cards for 15k per month. I load 3 cards, 1 card at a time for 2500 per trip through line. Now if only I had talked with more family about coming aboard the redbird.
If someone would add to the wiki, I wouldn't have to bump, but, for newer readers here is my guide for multiple loads on one swipe.
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