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Originally Posted by koroleon View Post
LGW-SSH 420gbp for 280TPs @1.5/TP. Fare calendar suggests this price is only available in November '15. Not excited about CE on a 5+ hour flight, but it looks like a quick and easy way to earn that level of TPs (compared to doing a bunch of connections).
Originally Posted by KARFA View Post
This is an interesting one. I thought SSH was going to be a shorthaul+ route not longhaul, so would attract 80 TPs each way in J not 140 TPs.
Originally Posted by BA97 View Post
It was a longhaul route previously (777 at horrible night/early morning times that would otherwise have sat around at LGW doing nothing). Full LH TPs for this, we did an ex-JER trip via BA Holidays a few years back that was cheap as chips and gave the bonus BAH Avios too. Prior to that it was a 320-family operated route (BMed maybe?) with CE but still gave LH TPs as I recall.

I wouldn't be surprised if the calculator was falling back to that.
Originally Posted by KARFA View Post
I have asked, and the first answer was you would get 140 TPs each way. However they they were comparing it to TLV or CAI which are LHR routes and do use A321 mid-hauls or 777s. SSH is advertised as CE on A320s so I would be surprised if it was counted as longhaul. Anyway, I have asked them to check again and I will report back with the answer.

However, when you put it in to the BAEC calculator it comes up with 140 TPs - but the calculator is not always reliable with new routes.

My own feeling is that I would be surprised if it is a longhaul route with longhaul TPs. Has anyone booked it yet? What does MMB say? Not that MMB is always reliable either!
Well further to the posts I now have an answer and this is from a GGL agent, and it was passed to another agent to check. The answer is that it would attract 140 tier points in J each way, this is an A320 service with a CE cabin remember.

I think this is as definitive an answer as we are likely to get now – the route isn’t due to start until September next year. So, what will be interesting is if someone books it and what it posts as next year.
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