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GE procedures at different airports

Just a quick question. A few weeks ago I landed at FLL after departing ELH in the Bahamas. My partner and j both have nexus so we made a beeline right to the the GE kiosks and then left to collect our baggage. As we were doing to final check leaving the baggage hall the CBP agent took our slips and made a comment that they hadn't been stamped, we apologized and he dismissed it saying FLL had slightly different procedures than other units. After answering simple questions about our destination we were sent on our way with a reminder not to do it again.

Being a nexus member this was our first time using GE outside of YYZ and for the life of us we had no idea what he was talking about. In the customs hall we saw nothing that would lead us to believe we needed to get the slip stamped nor anywhere where we could have done it short of going to one if the regular lines. We were also surprised that we were able to leave to collect our baggage without anyone noticing we did something improperly.

Is this typical of other airports with GE? My only other (recent) experience with clearing customs in the US was at EWR however this was before I got nexus and as far as I can remember the customs hall was very similar to how YYZs preclearance was set up.
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