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Originally Posted by sandie511 View Post first money order purchase at walmart didn't go so well..first off I have been reading and I get my first 2 debit cards at Simon mall and proceed to Walmart (after shopping) and go to the service desk (it's not called the money center there) and ask if I can buy a money order for $1000 and I'd like to do a split payment...the cs lady didn't know what I was talking about and at that time a manager was walking by and she asked her and she didn't know either, arrg...she said let's try and I swipe the debit card and it didn't work...I said never mind I will do two separate money orders for $500 each. With that she asked to see my DL and debit card. I show her my real debit card and DL she looks at them and me and hands them back...Also I told her I'd like to pay the fee in this point she notices the gift cards in my hand ( that I thought I was hiding, apparently not good enough) and asked which was I using, I said this one, and showed her my real debit card (which my bank had to send us new cards so this one in my hand no longer valid). So now she is watching me when I am trying to get the $500 money so I swipe my 'dead' debit and of course it didn't go through and I told her I'd have to call the bank and left...ugh, what did I do wrong...

Actually this was my very first MS transaction I'd attempted...Do not have BB
I'm sorry to hear your first attempt to drain your SMVGC didn't go as planned buying MO. Be grateful for that 'dead' DC you have on hand that saved the day for you. It would have been a big issue if you tried to swipe the VGC and if you're not quick enough to press Change payment button, it'll definitely default to credit and she will probably call the manager on you. You did the right thing and didn't insist on doing another transaction. Cashiers who are already suspicious will make sure to look closely at cards you will swipe so it is best to avoid her at all cost next time you try.

I suggest you get either a BB or Serve card so you'll have a card to load VGCs.
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