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Originally Posted by EL AL Rep. View Post
I warmly suggest you will read the list of benefits of FLY CARD to understand their implications over your status and benefits. It really pays to be a FLY CARD holder.
I have, and while there are some decreases in rates to some of the shorter european destination primarily in Economy, premium cabins are now more expensive to reedem into almost on every route than they were before even for card holders.

What you guys have done is seriously devalued the program, and then gone and tried to sweeten the pill buy saying card holders will have a few extra benefits, even though on the whole, they will still be paying more and earning less than before.
And let's face it, you are basically saying you don't give a monkey's about regular matmid members now that don't hold your CC.

Also, no one has mentioned this yet, but the whole scheme is now a huge mess and very difficult to understand, with various European destinations priced at different redemption rates despite belonging to the same region (why are LHR. AMS, FRA all priced differently?).

Furthermore, the differences between regular Matmid members (the ones you don't care about anymore) and the credit card holders makes no sense, with some destination (again in the same region) being cheaper by 100 points to CC holder, other 200 and some at 300.

It's all one big mess which makes no sense, and whoever it was that revamped the scheme for you guys should be fired.

In the past 24 hours I've spoken to 6 of my friends who are PL and TPLs, and they are furious.
Except for one that doesn't have a choice due to company policy (your saving grace) the others say this is the final straw for them.
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