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Originally Posted by ebzed View Post
Having the ability to convert points from CC to Base point doesnt help?
If you buy the ticket with your Credit Card, I think you earn those missing "20" points and even more...
This option was part of flycard from the day it was launched and should not be considered a part of these changes, as they only apply 6 month afterwars and were announced afterwards. BTW, 20% of the "extra" points earned via the CC can be converted to base point. Meaning - 1 base point = 900 NIS (for flycard premium). And even as an owner of flycard plus a J flight to NYC will earn 216 base points (which, going by what you say is an an increase of 8%, however this 20% bonus also applies before the other changes and as such should not be considered a part of them despite what LY says) despite an increase of 33% in reward prices (3000 vs 4000). Overall this is an increase of 23.4% (=(4000/216)/(3000/200)).

So yes, status will be easier for me, but overall this is not an enhancement, but rather a disappointment, and I'll definitely reconsider my future with LY. It's a shame, as up until now I always thought that LY had a good value for rewards.

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