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Smile ELAL FF Program Update...

Just a small visit from an old TP... 8-)
(Happily a top tier FF at other airlines for now)

from 10/02/2015 (Some even from now...)

New Points for Level Requirement:
800 for Silver
1500 for GL
3000 for PL
7000 for TP

Bonus tickets will be "priced" by destination and not by area...
So do earning points will be do per destination and not area...

TP will earn extra 70% points (rather 50% of today).

FLY CARD Premium holders will get 20% points for Base point (count for status) & option to convert 20% of the collected point from credit card as base points...
FLY CARD regulars, gets 10% extra points (bonus, not count for status).

Up to know it was good, Now for the bad part:
GL/KD Members that dont fly EL-AL wont be able to use the lounge
Guest companion entry to the lounge will be limited to x guests per year
TP/PL will pay 10$ for each bonuse ticket...
Points transfered from Credit cards will be limited to 3 years (and not as it now, lifetime).

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